I love summer in Ontario.  I get so excited to go to the farmers markets and pick up whatever is fresh.  I went to the Brickworks for their weekly market and picked up this incredible delicious basket of peaches.  As I was making my way through the peaches I realized that I would need an alternate method of consumption because I just couldn’t eat THAT many peaches.  I turned to one of my fave sites, The Kitchn and came across this recipe for a peach and cornmeal upside-down cake by Martha Stewart.  I’m a fan of upside-down desserts and I love cornmeal AND I love Martha Stewart so I was game.

The recipe is pretty straightforward and I followed it but made some tweaks as suggested by The Kitchn including adding some cinnamon and nutmeg to the batter and using thyme instead of lavender.  The cake is pretty easy to whip up and I actually put it together before dinner!  I’m always thrilled when I get the chance to use my stand mixer and this was the perfect use for it.

In retrospect I wish I had spent more time planning out how to arrange my peach slices because this could have been infinitely more beautiful.  I also wish I could do an upside-down cake where the syrupy part was more visible.  With that said this turned out well.  Perhaps a bit TOO heavy on the cornmeal and I wish I had used a coarser variety, but still delicious.  The thyme flavour added a unique spicing to the mix but could almost be omitted if you didn’t have any on hand.  I didn’t have any ice cream in the freezer but as you can imagine this would be pretty killer with the ice cream.

A great way to use up some peaches you might have on hand before they go funny.

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8 Responses to Peach and Cornmeal Upside-Down Cake

  1. WOMPblog says:

    {new blog entry} Peach and Cornmeal Upside-Down Cake http://goo.gl/fb/Cki8y

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  2. Kristin says:

    SO SO STRANGE! I was inventing this dish in my head and told my mom about it just days ago. I did not know it existed and definitely did not think you would be eating it in the same week… Also, I oddly enough have exactly 3 peaches on hand that incited the incident of my ‘invention’.
    I take up your challenge to try the recipe, but I shall raise you in non-gluten (so it might be less raise and more dense, actually…). I will keep you updated on my result.
    I now go searching for an iron skillet to borrow…

    • whatsonmyplate says:

      I didn’t use a skillet (should have mentioned it in the post). I just used a regular cake pan (not springform).

  3. hmmm I love upside down cakes of any kind, and this one looks absolutely amazing!

  4. steph says:

    Just made this, didn’t add any lavender- instead 1/2 t. cinnamon and 1/8 t. nutmeg. really delicious, and beautiful !!

  5. Neve says:

    I just made this and substituted the lavender for the cinnamon and nutmeg as recommended and it’s delicious! My husband keeps coming back for more – he says it’s the best thing I’ve baked in a while, which is saying a lot since I bake ALL the time! Thank you!

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