This dessert may very well be what ruins me.

A bold statement, I know, but firmly rooted in the truth.  It all started a week or so ago when my friend Jaime was coming over to dinner.  I knew that I was going to make scallops for the main meal but wasn’t sure what to make for dessert.  I didn’t want to make something elaborate due to time constraints but I wanted some fun and delicious.

I was browsing on TasteSpotting and saw a post about apple fritters. This of course brought back memories of my trip to Stratford and the fabulous apple fritter truck. I honestly still dream about those apple fritters. After doing some more searching on TasteSpotting I found a photo of apple fritters using Thomas Keller’s recipe from Ad Hoc at Home. Of course I just happen to own this cookbook.

What struck me about this recipe is just how easy it is. You basically just make a simple batter (with stuff you most likely have on hand). Slice some apples, mix them into the batter and then fry them. I didn’t even use a lot of oil. I poured maybe an inch or inch and a half into a pot and went to town.

The results were FANTASTIC. I made these no joke 4 times in one week. The fritters are big on apple flavour (use really apple-y apples), not too doughy and not too sweet. Also, despite being deep fried, the fritters aren’t too greasy. They are just little bundles of apple cinnamon-y goodness.

Make these, but I warn you that they are truly addictive.

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6 Responses to Thomas Keller’s Apple Fritters

  1. Oh my gosh those look amazing. you may have just ruined me too :)

  2. vicky says:

    You have convinced me to try these out. Stay tuned.

  3. brilynn says:

    I could easily get hooked on these, they look awesome! And I love Thomas Keller.

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