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As some of you may know, I went to undergrad at NYU and lived in the village/Union Square for much of that time.  That time happened to be between 2001 and 2005.  During this time Sex and the City was hugely popular and a few months before starting at NYU there was an episode where Carrie and Miranda ate cupcakes in front of a cute bakery in New York.  The bakery was Magnolia Bakery.  Upon moving to New York, it feels like I spent a significant portion of freshman year lined up outside of Magnolia for cupcakes.  Yes, in line.  That line would trickle out of the store and extend along 11th St.  Kind of insane.

And of course since the line was so long AND because I suffer from indecision, I would inevitably buy a box of 4(!) cupcakes and get a mix of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with a variety of frosting colours.  It’s a wonder that I didn’t gain the Freshman 15. And for the record, it’s not because I actually gained the Freshman 25 instead.  At some point I decided to expand my Magnolia purchases.  Sometimes I’d get a mini cheesecake (and a cupcake).  Sometimes I’d get a red velvet cupcake (and another cupcakes).  Sometimes I’d even get a cookie (and… a cupcake).  But then one day I ordered the banana pudding and in changed my life.

I’m not sure why I ordered banana pudding.  I had never heard of it before, it didn’t look particularly appealing and I’m not a huge pudding fan. I suspect my sister was with me and suggested ordering it.  Whatever, I ordered it and it was delicious.  This shook up my traditional Magnolia order.  Now, I’d likely get an order of the pudding and a cupcake or two.  Again, it’s a wonder I’m not obese.

I recently made a southern feast and wanted an easy to execute southern dessert.  That’s when Magnolia’s banana pudding popped into my head.  Luckily they published the recipe in one of their cookbooks so the recipe is easy to find online.  The recipe is also surprisingly uncomplicated.  All you need is: condensed milk, Jell-O vanilla pudding powder, cream, bananas and Nilla Wafers.  This is totally on some Sandra Lee “semi-homemade” ish.

This is a great make-ahead recipe and is easily scalable for a party.  I opted to half the recipe and make it in jars of single-sized portions (although my definition of “single” is pretty loose).  This was one of the those rare cases where the homemade tastes quite spot on to what you’d get in the shop.  Seriously, it tastes just like the original.  But then I became concerned… the original uses Jell-O instant pudding mix?  You can’t win ’em all.



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7 Responses to Magnolia’s Banana Pudding

  1. tam says:

    The puddings look delicious but where would I be able to find the jars? They’re gorgeous!

  2. Naveen says:

    The jars are great, use them for spices — just don’t leave spoons in them. If they get stuck, the jars crack :(

  3. Shankari says:

    This must be divine intervention! I gave a search for a non gritty buttercream and ended up on this post of yours…

    Now I will explain my first statement. This weekend, I need to bake a cake which is to be filled with banana pudding, I did not want the store purchased pudding and was wondering how to make this from scratch. This post is my answer! Thank you so much for the detailed recipe. I just have one question in this, can I make this pudding with mashed bananas?

    Thanks once again..

    • Tonya says:

      Hi! I think you could try the mashed bananas. It might make things go brown more quickly though but tastewise it should be fine.

  4. Sue Tang says:

    Where did you get the Nilla wafers in Toronto Tonya??

    • Tonya says:

      Hi Sue, I’ve never had much trouble finding them. The usual big supermarkets generally have them. I normally shop at No Frills, Metro or Loblaws.

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