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I’ll be the first to admit that this is a random one!  What on earth would possess me to make pickled beets you might asking yourself right about now.  Well it all came down to wanting to use what I had in my fridge.  I had about 3 beets leftover that were going kind of wonky.  I find that beets are hard to incorporate into my regular meal schedule.  They are time consuming to prepare, don’t fit in with many meals (not going to have pasta with a side of beets!), AND they are messy.  I have to be in the right mindset to really mess around with beets.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some beets but they are no broccoli.

The last time I went to pick up my Good Food Box the stop coordinator began raving about a pickled beet recipe after another picker upper complained about the volume of beets.  The coordinator said she’d send the recipe over as a way to get through the beets.   She also had a lovely story about consuming a crazy amount of pickled beets in one sitting but I wasn’t loving the visual of that so I moved on (can’t you just picture hands, teeth and mouth stained with beet juice?  yuck).

I forgot about the recipe for a few days until I was cleaning out my fridge and came across the beets.  I happened to spend a large part of my weekend avoiding my Finance homework and I figured it would be an EXCELLENT almost mandatory time to make me some pickled beets.    I had all of the ingredients on hand (except dill seed which I decided to forgo) so it was super easy to make.

The problem with making pickles is the wait time.  When I make pickled beets I want to consume them immediately none of this 2 to 3 day waiting time! Alas I decided to compromise and started eating them around the 24 hour mark. Delicious!  Even better after 48 hours!  I have been eating them as a snack… kind of like potato chips but wetter.  They are kind of addictive and I’m avoiding eating the entire jar in one sitting.  That would be obscene.


PS I don’t know who Fronie is.  I’m assuming that Fronie is a woman and that she makes awesome pickled beets.  I would like to know what other tricks Fronie has up her sleeves.


First, boil your beets whole in a little salted water for 40-60 minutes, depending on size. Do not cut, dice or pierce before cooking. Then run cold water over them to remove their skins.

Slice in preparation for pickling

Boil the following and pour it over the beets:

1-1/2 cups white or brown sugar

1-1/2 cups vinegar, a combination of white and malt

¾ cups water

1 tbsp salt

1/8 teaspoon hot red pepper.

1/4 tsp dill seed:

fill the bottle halfway and put in 1/8 tsp,

then put the remaining 1/8 tsp on the top when the bottle is all full.

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2 Responses to Fronie’s Easy Pickled Beets

  1. Ooh, I love this idea. But I totally agree, as delish as beets are, they are a real pain to prepare. I always end up with magenta everything in my kitchen (self included).

  2. [...] up was to pickle some beets.  I’ve made Easy Pickled Beets before and enjoyed so I thought I’d step it up a notch and make some real pickled beets.  [...]

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