What type of camera do you use?

Since starting my site I’ve used 3 different cameras.  From the beginning until about January 2009 I used a Fuji FinePix and my photos were atrocious.  Less the camera’s fault and more so my not knowing about tripods and white balancing (although I don’t think that camera allowed for white-balancing).  From January 2009 to about January 2011 I used a Panasonic Lumix which I still use when I’m travelling.  In December 2010 I bought myself a Canon Rebel T2i with a 50mm lens and it has DRAMATICALLY altered my photos.  If you’re thinking of starting a food blog, I’d highly recommend getting a DSLR. If not look for a point and shoot that lets you do things like white balance.

When did you start cooking?

I’m not really sure!  I’ve been reading cookbooks since … well since I could read.  I never really had to cook growing up but was always aware of how to cook and probably made the occasional meal here or there.  I guess my cooking really kicked into high gear once I went away to university.

Any advice for new cooks?

Just start cooking!  It doesn’t have to be fancy at all.  Even making a really kick-ass sandwich is a start.  I’ve always been a HUGE fan of cookbooks so I recommend reading a few for inspiration.  A great one to start off with is How to Cook Everything.  You’re bound to find something that you want to cook and the recipes are really simple.

How often do you cook?

I cook a “proper” meal about 4 to 5 times a week. I’m big on menu-planning so I map my week out usually on Saturdays and do a big shop on the weekend so that I’m always ready to go.  The other 2-3 days someone else will cook for me or I’ll eat leftovers.

What is your favourite meal?

I always hate the question about what you’d want your last meal to be.  My favourite meal usually changes depending on what I’m craving.  If I had to list of my favourite foods it would look something like this:
roast chicken
grilled cheese
dim sum
fresh ontario peaches and corn

Did you go to culinary school?

Nope! Although I have recently started taking courses towards a culinary certificate at George Brown.

Where else can I find you on the interwebs?

<a href=”mailto:whatsonmyplate1@gmail.com”>Email</a>


Twitter (personal)

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