A few weeks ago I was killing time at Chapters and decided to visit the magazine aisle. Of course I ended up looking at food magazines and came across Saveur. It occurred to me that I had never read an issue so I did a quick scan and then decided to buy it. There were so many recipes that I wanted to make immediately but I was captivated by the stir-fry feature. When I saw the pork and leek stir-fry I had to give it a try because who knew that was even an option??

The ingredients are super simple.  Aside from the pork and leeks I had everything on hand.  When I went to the butcher I knew that I need “pork” and assumed I just needed pork chops, so that’s what I bought.  Of course I got home and realized that I needed butt instead… I figured I’d just go with the chops, I mean the earth wouldn’t stop rotating.

This meal is a great weeknight option.  Minimal chopping and prep.  Easy ingredients. Quick and easy technique.  The whole thing came together in just a few minutes.  And do follow the trick of sticking the meat in the freezer before slicing.  That tip made a huge difference in being able to slice the meat thinly.

In terms of flavour I was surprised at how such simple ingredients could lead to such a flavourful dish.  Sure it’s not Indian curry flavourful but the simple ingredients really work together to blend the porkiness of the pork with flavour of the leeks.  Leftovers tasted great the next day.  If you’re into chicken I could see this recipe also working well with chicken.

SERVES 2 – 4


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  2. Huh, I have never used leeks for anything except long-cooking recipes. This looks good! My parents just loaded up on chicken breasts, so I may try your substitution idea.

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