I haven’t done a pizza post in a while so of course when I saw this article in the New York Times I knew it was time to continue on my mission to make the perfect pizza at home. I also knew the article was worth a second look when someone from my beloved Pizzeria Libretto tweeted that the article talked about some of their at-home methods.

The article features two recipes, one with a sourdough starter and one with just yeast. I opted for the yeast version because the idea of a sourdough required a longer lead time than I had to work with. Next time I’ll definitely give that a try.

What sets this recipe apart from others that I’ve tried is the type of flour.  This recipe calls for a 00 flour (often used for pasta) and a high gluten flour.  I couldn’t find a high gluten flour but did some research into its protein content and then replicated it by using a regular flour and adding some gluten flour.  This dough also requires a long rest time.  It’s supposed to age in the fridge for between 24-48 hours.  You definitely have to plan ahead.  The article (referenced above) really details the reasons behind the flours, time required and etc. so I won’t summarize the discussion here.

Truth be told the pizza turned out well but I wasn’t blown away.  I found it a bit tough and dense for some reason.  I didn’t get too many bubbles in the dough which I look forward to.  The colouring was nice and the flavour was really developed.

I’m a firm believer in trying things again so I may revisit this dough especially since I recently acquired a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer.  I also want to try the sourdough version but I seriously would need to plan ahead.

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  1. Eva says:

    mmm maybe you weren’t blown away but that pizza looks delicious! i moved to the south not too long ago so I haven’t had a really good piece of pizza in a while.

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