Recently I’ve been feeling like I eat a lot of meat.  Sure my body has been craving it but I was starting to feel like I need to reign those voices in.  I’ve never been one of those people that HAS to have meat all the time, in fact I typically eat a lot of seafood and vegetarian-based meals, so making the switch wasn’t so hard.

My mind instantly went to some sort of pasta dish.  Pasta is filling and you can load it up with veggies.  I picked up my long abandoned copy of Everyday Italian by Giada and settled on the Pasta Primavera.  I was drawn to it because it was so simple and packed with veggies. It also gave me an excuse to hit up my local farmers market and experience some of that bounty.

When I first read the recipe I didn’t really read it thoroughly.  If I had I would have noticed that there isn’t much in the recipe to give the pasta any flavour.  After reading through some comments I decided to roast the vegetables with some garlic to bump up the flavour.  Thank goodness I did!  The pasta would have been bland otherwise.

Overall I was happy with the results.  It didn’t blow me away in the least but it was quick, easy and healthy which is what I was totally after.  It’s a good weeknight meal but not necessarily something I’d serve to company

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  1. WOMPblog says:

    {new blog entry} Pasta Primavera

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  2. Marie says:

    “Cook it in garlic & olive oil and throw some parm on it” is basically the recipe for every single thing that I make. I make some variation of this pasta dish all the time, but never thought to roast the veggies first. Definitely something I will try when it cools off and I can use the oven again!

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