I’ve always liked the idea of “power bars” and granola bars.  Over the years I’ve tried so many different bars and been disappointed by so many of them.  My favourite bars by far are Larabars.

What’s really awesome about Larabars is that their ingredients list are shockingly short and shockingly simple.  One of my favourite bars is the Pecan Pie bar and it only contains dates, pecans and almonds.  THAT’S IT!  No bizarre preservatives.  No fillers.  No funny busy.  The problem for the folks at Larabar (now owned by General Mills) is that with such simple ingredients it doesn’t take long for folks to start realizing that they can make their own! I mean Larabars are pricey.  If I buy one regular price it’s about $2.49.

I was at the supermarket a few months back and they had boxes of dates for cheap so I picked one up with the vague idea of making Larabars.  Months past and I didn’t use them but I recently got my act together to make it happen. After some web searching I came upon this site called Enlightened Cooking and their excellent post on how to make your own Larabars.

Making Larabars is beyond simple.  You literally throw some dates in a food processor and set aside.  The blend your nuts and throw them in the bowl with the dates.  Knead the two together and that’s it.  For my maiden voyage I made the cashew cookie flavour and it tasted EXACTLY like a Larabar.  I honestly was shocked.  These are definitely my new go-to snack.

Visit Enlightened Cooking for a number of recipes and suggestions to make your own bars.

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6 Responses to Homemade Larabars

  1. Lauren says:

    yum! sounds pretty darn simple and handy! i’m a sucker for a product called The Simply Bar for my AM snack fixed but this looks like a good replacement!

  2. Kristin says:

    Oh, wow. That’s great. I need to borrow me a giant food processor to make some up. I buy them as emergency I-can’t-eat-anything-around-me!-and-I-am-starving snacks.

  3. WOMPblog says:

    {new blog entry} Homemade Larabars http://goo.gl/fb/YeVvd

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  4. PlanetByn says:

    3/3: homemade larabars! instead of emptying your wallet at whole foods! @WOMPblog http://tinyurl.com/38zrvnj

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  5. Robyn says:

    oh.my.god. i am obsessed with larabars. i can find them for a bit cheaper at organic garage, but i’m excited to make them at home!

  6. janet says:

    I started making my own homemade energy bars as well. My favourite was EC’s chocolate brownie bar. I wrote about it here: http://tastespace.wordpress.com/2010/08/30/chocolate-brownie-power-nibbles/

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