While I love meat, I try not to eat it all the time.  My weekly diet usually involves some meat, some seafood, maybe some poultry and usually a meatless dish, like pasta.  My lunches recently usually consist of leftover dinner so I’ve been having much more meat at lunch than I’d normally like.  In the past, I used to make meals exclusively for lunch and they were often vegetable or grain-based.  Somewhere along the way I got lazy and stopped making meals exclusively for lunch.

I’ve made it a bit of a goal recently to get back on that bandwagon.  The other day I was browsing Bon Appétit recipes on Epicurious when I came across this recipe for a Chickpea Salad with lemon, Parmesan and herbs. It sounded like a winner and easy enough to make for lunch.

While the recipe as-is seemed pretty good I decided to switch things up a bit. Right away I thought that roasted red peppers would be a great addition. Then looking in my fridge I realized that I didn’t have any basil or parsley. And I wasn’t going out to get some. But then I looked in my freezer and found some basil.

The resulting salad was really simple and delicious. It works well as a side dish or on it’s own as a salad. This would also be really nice served on top of a bed of couscous or as an addition to a lettuce-based salad.

Hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll do a few more grain or legume-based lunch salads. My body is definitely telling me to feed it some healthy goodness. I will listen.



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4 Responses to Chickpea Salad

  1. Fran says:

    This looks delicious.

  2. janet says:

    I love salads like this. Except I also eat them for dinner, so lunch leftovers are still perfect. :)

  3. raunabo says:

    Thanks for the awesome recipe!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made this for my family and how much we love it!! It’s a great summer side dish with anything from the grill!

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