chorizo tacos with potatoes and mushrooms

Last month’s Charcutepalooza Challenge was all about making sausages (sans casings). I decided to make chorizo because I love to get my Mexican cooking on. Of course when I think of Mexican food I think of Rick Bayless so I turned to him for some inspiration.

I kind of knew that I wanted to make some chorizo tacos but wasn’t quite sure what was involved. Of course Rick has a recipe for chorizo tacos in Everyday Mexican. The recipe is actually for Chorizo, Potato, and Mushroom Tacos which sounded pretty good to me.

This recipe was beyond simple. You pretty much just sautée the chorizo, add the onions and mushroom, throw in the potatoes and you’re done.  The potatoes were the one sticking point, literally.  Maybe I didn’t have enough oil in my pan but I found that the shredded potatoes insisted on sticking… which made for a great mess.

I served the tacos on homemade tortillas with Bayless’ Roasted Tomatillo Salsa.  I also added my new favourite hot sauce, El Yucateco for some serious extra kick and some avocado for contrast in texture.

The success of this dish pretty much hinges on the quality of your chorizo. I felt it was good but kind of thought that my chorizo could’ve used a bit more oomph. I found it kind of strange how little the mushrooms and potatoes contributed to the dish. They definitely added body but little in the way of flavour. The cilantro was a nice addition to add a bit of brightness to the whole mix.

This is a great super simple taco dish that would definitely hold up to variations in either the toppings or what you throw in with the chorizo. Oh, and the Roasted Tomatillo Salsa is FANTASTIC. I wish I could keep this in my fridge all the time.



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  1. I love chorizo! But you lost me at “mushroom.” They are mine enemy. But, since you didn’t feel the mushrooms added much… perhaps I could try them without :)

  2. […] to brown, since they have less fat than pork chorizo.  I adapted this Rick Bayless recipe (via What’s On My Plate) and served it with a salad on the side.  The recipe made 4 servings of 3 tacos each, but you could […]

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