Fish with romesco sauce a la  Moro London Exmouth Market

On a recent trip to London I hit up a restaurant in Exmouth Market called Moro, had Romesco sauce and changed my life. I’m not quite sure how I’ve gone 30 years on this earth and the first time I had Romesco sauce was in London, in February… of 2012. Seriously, this is just despicable.

At Moro I had some sort of fish that was served bathed in Romesco.  While I was eating it I had no idea what it was.  Sure I knew the sauce was tomatoe-y with a hint of spice but I kept on coming across this crunchy little explosions.  It really was a delight with the perfect balance of flavours and textures.  So delightful that I went back home and began trying to figure out how exactly to recreate this at home.

Luckily I didn’t have to search that hard because the interwebs revealed that the Moro romesco sauce recipe is abundantly available.  Go figure.  Apparently there are a few Moro cookbooks out there as well (which I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection).  Even for a major, diverse city like Toronto the ingredient list proved to be a bit of a challenge.  Of course I had no trouble finding things like saffron. But the peppers, oh the peppers!  Usually I’m able to find whatever dried chiles I need at Kensington market but I could not for the life of me find Noras or Guindillas.  I substituted other peppers for them but I’d love to get my hand on these peppers (especially the Noras).

While my romesco didn’t taste exactly like the one that I had at Moro it was great.  I served it with some super-pricey Halibut that I bought at Pusateri’s (I had one of those group buy deals) and it was a fantastic way to honour that expensive little piece of fish.  For the record, romesco would also be great with shrimp, chicken and maybe even some veg like asparagus.

Definitely a new fave.


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2 Responses to Fish with Romesco Sauce à la Moro

  1. This looks so good! Fish dishes are great for summer :)

  2. Jana says:

    I just made Romesco sauce out of a sauce book I have and found it incredibly wonderful too! It is quite delicious and I am glad to see someone else who shares my view!

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