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One of my goals this year was to make food a priority.  For me that doesn’t just mean eating proper meals (I’m EXCELLENT at that) but reminded myself to explore my love of experimenting with food.  To kick off this year of experimentation I decided to make bagels.

Yes, I made bagels.

I’ve basically grown up loving bagels.  As a kid it was often supermarket bagels but as I grew up we upgraded to bakery bagels and life got so much better.  I grew up with a lot of Jewish friends so bagel brunches with all of the fixings were pretty much always on my radar (yay lox!).  Now let’s throw in a stint living in NYC and visits to Montreal and my bagel game was definitely kicked up a notch.

Living in Evanston I have been uninspired by the bagel scene (although I recently learned that there IS a place that makes great bagels). Local bakeries don’t really make bagels, I don’t love supermarket bagels and I pretty much refuse to get bagels from Panera or Einstein Bros.  And don’t even get me started on the lack of great cream cheese. Life. Is. Rough.  So since I was craving bagels I decided to make them myself.

Here’s the funny thing about making bagels, it somehow sounds intimidating but they are actually SHOCKINGLY simple to make.  If you’re open to making bread you should be open to make bagels. The process basically involves making a sponge the night before (flour, water, yeast) and letting that do it’s thing.  The next day you add flour and a few other things to the sponge and mix it in your stand mixer (if you have it).  There’s some rising and shaping in there as well and then you boil and then bake the bagels.  That’s it!  I promise, it isn’t difficult.

The bagels turned out shockingly well.  And since they were easy to make a part of me thinks I will never buy bagels again.  What was also great is that I could customize the size of my bagels.  It seems that many bagels are in the 4 oz range but since I like them a bit smaller I made my bagels 3 oz.  Plus you can do all sorts of customization.  I went for sesame seeds but you could do different coloured seeds or a combination.  I could even do cinnamon cranberry instead of the dreaded raisin bagel.  Possibilities are endless on this one kids.

homemade bagels 2

Go make bagels.  And use this recipe from Ruhlman.



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  2. This is fantastic. Can’t wait to make these sometime!!

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