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You all know that I love me some preserving.  Let me turn some fruits into jam or pickle some vegetables and I’m a happy camper.  I’m particularly happy when I get to crack open a jar of preserved peaches in February.

A few (ok, many) months ago the folks at Thomas Allen gave me a copy of Mourad Lahlou’s cookbook, New Moroccan. The recipes looked delicious but many of them required preserved lemons.  Now living in Toronto (at the time), finding preserved lemons should be a breeze but I’m always worried about what people put in products to preserve them.  Luckily Lahlou’s cookbook has a dead simple recipe for preserved lemons.

The ingredients: lemons and salt.


The hardest part was finding a jar to make this in.  In a perfect world I would’ve used unwaxed, organic lemons but out of sheer laziness I bought regular lemons and scrubbed them very well to remove the yucky stuff on the outside.

After a few weeks the lemons turned out as expected. Soft but with a gentle firmness and the zest and pith’s bitterness had been toned down significantly. So far I’ve used the lemons in dressings and as part of tagine to great results. Unfortunately the jar sits at the back of my fridge and I forget to randomly add it to new dishes. That will happen… soon.

Now that I’m in Chicago and without my stash of preserved lemons I’m totally missing them.  Especially since more than a few recipes in my Ottolenghi cookbooks require preserved lemons.  It may be time to whip up another batch.

Any thoughts on what else I can do with preserved lemons?



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