After my trip to Tawse Winery, I ended up with some farm fresh eggs. I generally don’t eat a lot of eggs (they, like chickens, freak me out) but I’m a sucker for farm fresh eggs when I’ve met the chickens that laid them.  With my newly acquired dozen eggs I had to figure out uses for them.  For some reason my mind instantly went to Eggs Benedict.  Traditionally I’ve passed on Eggs Benedict as a brunch selection.  Runny eggs in an egg sauce had a less than appealing effect on me.  I recently discovered that I could ask servers to have my eggs poached a little longer to firm up the yolks a bit so I have recently indulged in Eggs Benedict.  I figured farm fresh eggs would be perfect for this dish because they lend themselves better to undercooked applications.

When I set out to make Eggs Benedict I realized two things: 1. I don’t know how to poach eggs and 2. I don’t know how to make Hollandaise sauce.  Finding online tutorials for poaching eggs was simple but it was the Hollandaise that I knew would pose some challenges.  In my Culinary 1 cooking class at George Brown the chef made Hollandaise and basically told us that it’s hard to make and requires practice.  I was not up for that challenge at all.  I was on Martha Stewart’s site looking for Hollandaise recipes when I came across a recipe for Easy Hollandaise using a blender! A blender! I was sold. I did a bit more research and settled on this recipe from House Garden circa 1962. I just felt that 1962 would have a lock on a blender Hollandaise sauce recipes.

So this sauce is no joke easy.  You put the egg yolks, seasonings and cream in the blender and blend until frothy.  Then you stream in the hot butter and acid (lemon juice or vinegar) and that’s it.  The whole process takes less than 2 minutes and you end up with a nice Hollandaise sauce.  I’ll have to try making Hollandaise the “real way” one day to compare but the blender version will likely become my go-to method when I want Eggs Benny.

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6 Responses to Easy Blender Hollandaise Sauce

  1. Kristin says:

    I will try dairy-free and let you know how disastrous it turns out.

  2. Duchess says:

    ooo! Gotta love 1962… have to try this.

  3. I love hollandaise sauce on Asparagus, and I make it with tofu, actually not so bad.

  4. Oh – so easy, and so similar to whole egg mayonnaise which you can make the same way. Oh dear – I have English muffins, nice ham, good eggs for poaching and all the sauce ingredients. Plus I’m sure I can it scale all down to serve just one….. me ….. for tomorrow’s brunch.

    Super thanks for sharing such a great hollandaise sauce method. Here is hoping for peaceful morning with my cat sleeping in!

  5. JehanP says:

    Yum, I have to try this, have never made my own.

  6. John F says:

    This recipe looks great… though I must say, I made my own Hollandaise sauce back in ’06 and found the experience totally traumatizing. Maybe it was the amount of butter. I’d be willing to try this version and potentially re-introduce this sauce to my life. xoxo

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