Every year I try to set food-related goals for myself. They can be pretty boring like eat more vegetables or force myself to be more creative (and delicious) like make more charcuterie.

Over the past few years I’ve become increasingly fearless in the kitchen and that it makes it harder to come up with goals because I usually just get an idea in my head and run with it.

So now I present to you my food goals for 2012…

Capture my own food – a few summers ago I did a bit of foraging for mushrooms and had a great time. This year I want to step it up a notch and catch my own food. Luckily my girl Moj has all sorts of goals around hunting and if I have things correct this is the year for fishing, so methinks I’ll be fishing at some point this year.

Find new ways to combine food and travel – when I travel I’m pretty thorough about having a list of fab places to eat. While this is all fine and dandy I’m always up for experiencing food culture in different ways like visiting farmers markets to understand the local food trends.  I already have a trip to London and Paris planned and will be taking a pastry class while in Paris so I’ll be fulfilling this goal in short order.

Play with food styling – now that I have my Canon Rebel and can take much better photos I want to get better at styling my shots.  Throughout the year I’ll acquire more props and fine tune my indoor lighting situation.

Experiment with seafood – I love love seafood but don’t really branch out that much. I often cook salmon, shrimp and various whitefish but rarely cook shellfish. I recently started cooking mussels but this year I want to cook clams, crab and some other goodness.

Can more – this year I had a blast canning all sorts of pickles and I actually find that I’ve been using them. What I really want is a pressure canner so that I can preserve stocks, low acid vegetables and other goodness.

Butcher a thing or two – earlier this year I signed up for a butchery class at George Brown that was an absolute bust. It wasn’t really a butchery class and instead focused on charcuterie. I dropped out after one class so a part of me still needs to find my inner butcher.

What are some of your food goals for 2012??

Check out my food goals for previous years:




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4 Responses to Food Goals for 2012

  1. Fran says:

    You definitely need to connect up with Gretchen re:
    1. Fishing (maybe even hunting)
    2. Food styling
    Cheers to good eating in 2012!

  2. Mojgan says:

    Yes to fishing this year! Looking forward to it!

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  4. adam says:

    How did this goal setting go, in retrospect? Would you do it again for 2014, or did you have one for 2013 (cuz I don’t see it).

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