Pierre Herme Isapahan Macrons

Remember when I used to make macarons?  I haven’t made them in AGES.  In fact, the last batch that I made were the ones pictured above and that was literally a year ago.  I’ve spent the past year with the intention of writing a post about these macarons but I never got around to it which drove me crazy since I totally love this photo.  This year has been pretty crazy.  From finishing up business school applications, weekends in Evanston for school-related things, quitting my job, my super busy summer of fun-employment to starting school, there hasn’t always been time for macaron-making or blogging.  Scratch that, I haven’t really made that much time for macaron-making or blogging.

These macarons are easily my favourite.  Pierre Herme has this flavour he calls Ispahan.  It’s a combination of lychee, rose, and raspberry – it is divine.  The cool thing is that he uses the same flavour profile across many different desserts so in addition to having Ispahan macarons you can usually find various cakes, croissants and dessert concoctions. I’ll include the recipe at the end of this post.  It’s labour-intensive but really fabulous.

If the way the past year (or the past 5 months) has unfolded, next year promises to be great.  Like capital G and T GreaT. There may not be a lot of time to make macarons; but it will be great.  I’ve already had my planning meeting with the accountability team (yes, I have one) and have come up with next year’s theme: The Year of More.  Interpret it as you may but it’s not really about self-indulgence.

Every year on this blog I set food-related goals.  This year was so busy I recently realized that I hadn’t even thought about my food goals.  Here’s a quick summary of how last year shaped up:

Capture my own food – I had visions of going fishing/hunting this summer but that didn’t materialize. Still on my list of things to do in life.

Find new ways to combine food and travel – I actually did this! While in Paris I took a cooking class where I made croissants, brioche and a few other gems.

Play with food styling – I’ve definitely dabbled in styling a bit but because I haven’t been blogging as much it hasn’t been that consistent. I actually have yet to setup my “photo studio” in Evanston.

Experiment with seafood – Mussels are definitely a part of my cooking routine but I haven’t branched out much more. I actually need to find a good (and not crazy expensive) fishmonger in Evanston/Chicago.

Can more – So I didn’t buy a pressure canner but I did do quite a bit of preserving this summer.

Butcher a thing or two – Didn’t happen. But it will.

As for this year, I’ll keep my goals modest and achievable.  Here are a few:

Butcher something – Yup, this one is going back on the list. Will have to see what classes are available in Chicago.

Eat out more – Living in Evanston and being in an academically and socially intense program makes it hard to prioritize just going out in the city and having grown up civilized dinners at cool spots. Going to make that happen at least once a month.

Explore the Midwest – There are a lot of interesting things happening food-wise in the midwest and I’d like to take a closer look. Definitely need to have a roadtrip or two to some of the neighbouring states.

Make food a priority – I still cook a lot but I’ve also been finding myself getting take out a fair bit too. Plus with my schedule (and not always knowing where to go for certain ingredients) means that I’ve slacked off in terms of doing more elaborate cooking projects like making charcuterie.  Let me get back on that for 2013.

Explore more cuisines – I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a rut in terms of cooking mostly familiar things. This means that I rarely crack open some of my more interesting cookbooks. I would love to explore a bit more with some of my Thai and Moroccan cookbooks.

Re-build my home “studio” – When I lived in Toronto I managed to create a pretty sweet indoor lighting setup to simulate daylight.  I didn’t bring it with me to Evanston which is also a reason why I haven’t been doing that much food photography these days.  My goal is to get a new and even better setup going within a few weeks.

I feel like these goals are pretty achievable and should be fun to work towards!  As a parting gift, here’s the recipe for the macarons mentioned above.

Happy New Year!



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2 Responses to Ispahan Macarons and Goals

  1. Mojgan says:

    I think your goals are achievable too! Now please eat out more and explore Iranian cuisine in your area — you know, for when I visit!

  2. Mojgan says:

    Also, butchering and capturing food — still on my list. Ordered Kitchen Aid meat grinder and sausage stuffer. FINALLY!

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